Welcome to Wombat Linux

Lightweight, general purpose Linux

About Wombat Linux

Wombat Linux is a lightweight Linux distribution that can run on all types of (for now, x86_64) systems. It relies on musl-libc over glibc and replaces the usual GNU Coreutils with Suckless Base. Bash is included, however it is not the default shell, instead, ZSH is used as the main shell of choice.
Wombat Linux, like other distributions, supports X11 and allows for the installation of dwm on top, with XFCE and KDE being planned packages.
How small is it REALLY?
Currently the minimal ISO is < 300 MB, however it is has some artifacts from testing, so an even smaller version will be available on v1.0 release. The development environment (which is basically the same system but with a lot of tools like GCC and the necessary tools to build more software) is around 1.7 GB.


There are two main philosophies of Wombat Linux:

  1. "light, yet powerful", or rather, to stay minimalist, but allow for expansion into more powerful use cases.
    The system by itself, at base installation, will use as little system resources as possible. It is the user's choice to expand on that.
  2. Community-driven development: as in creation and implementation of software in a community focused manner, mainly on GitHub and other project collaboration sites.


Wombat Linux is rolling release. The main ISOs however, will not be updated as frequently as the base system. The installer, named wombatinstaller, will install the latest packages, and thus will be the reasoning for the lack of updates. The ISOs will only be updated as fast as the installer or package manager are updated, as those are the only software that are required to use the ISOs for their intended purposes.

The Package Manager

The package manager for Wombat Linux is USPM by afroraydude.
USPM is a simple package manager that is useful for the tracking, installation, and uninstallation of binary packages built for Wombat Linux and other Musl-based systems.

Special thanks

dslm4515@github for making the MUSL-LFS guidebook that Wombat Linux was first built with.

Alpine Linux for being musl-based and being a general guide for any extra libs/programs I wanted to add

Void Linux for all the patches. Seriously.